Monday, March 15, 2010

Mountain Valley Growers

I was really excited earlier this month to read about a nursery that stocks organic herbs, perennials and even some vegetables in The Herb Companion magazine. I have been looking for some unusual herbs for the garden but had not been able to find anything at local nurseries or even on some of the seed and plant websites. But, Mountain Valley Growers (MVG) was listed in the article so I decided to check them out. Their website is not the greatest and is a bit difficult to navigate but the variety of herbs and perennials that they have to offer more than makes up for the hassle.

I have never ordered plants for delivery before so I was a little worried about how they would arrive. But, the plants arrived safe and sound as you can see from the first photograph. MVG really knows what they are doing and it gave me a lot of confidence in their operation. Now, if I can do justice to the plants that I received and keep them alive and thriving.

I ordered the following herbs and perennials:
  • Moroccan Mint (for tea...of course)
  • Kentucky Colonel Mint (can't make a Mint Julep without it)
  • Lavender Mint (because it sounded interesting)
  • Lemon Thyme (love me lemon anything)
  • Cretan Oregano (how could I resist with a name like that)
  • Creeping Pink Thyme (needed some groundcover for around the bird bath)
  • Dwarf Blue Butterfly Bush (looking to attract more birds and insects to the garden)
  • Sungold Butterfly Bush (looking to attract more birds and insects to the garden)
Everything is planted now. And, so far, so good. I'm even thinking of ordering a tray of the creeping thyme since I could use a little more groundcover in a few areas.

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