Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bring Your Own -- Reusable Produce Bags

We all know that plastic shopping bags are an environmental nightmare. But, what no one ever mentions in that conversation is plastic produce bags. It's all about the shopping bag. However, people use a lot produce bags when they go to the market, even if it is a farmers market. So, not long ago, I realized that I needed to stop using plastic produce bags and find a reusable alternative. I bring my own shopping bags everywhere, so why not produce bags. So, thanks to a little bit of online research, I found these great reusable produce bags at Eco-Bags

Eco-Bags has been around since 1989 and their mission it to reduce waste. It all started with reusable shopping bags but their business has grown to include lunch bags, produce bags, waters and more. So, when I found these produce bags, I could not resist them and purchased 3 sets. Each set includes a small, medium and large produce bag. They are made out of a very light weight cotton fabric and have draw string to close them with. They are washable in cold water and then should be line/air dried. They are not pre-shrunk so do not toss them in the dryer or you'll have produce bags for a Barbie doll. I have been using these bags now for a few weeks and they have been great. I have even used them for bulk items like popcorn and rice.  I often get asked about them. I am hoping that by using these bags, that this will be a positive example for others to follow. The less plastic that we have in our lives,  the better for us...and the planet.

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