Monday, January 16, 2012

Mending Clothes

It's been cold and dreary here in Portland for the last couple of days. And, I needed a little indoor domestic project to keep me busy so I decided it was time to mend a few clothing items that have piled up in need of repair. Let's just say that I have been procrastinating a bit on this since I'm not exactly a sewist (I think that's the correct term). I have taken a few sewing classes since moving to Portland but I am by no means anything but an absolute beginner. As you can see from the photo of the "mended" sock, my hand-sewing skills definitely leave a lot to be desired. But, the point of mending a few things was to make them usable again and not to show-off my skills or lack thereof. After all, the toe of that sock will be hidden inside a pair of Dan's boots. 

Most people would have thrown out that sock or tossed the two bras and the other sock that I also mended. We live in a throw away world. It's bad for the environment. It's bad for us financially. It's sad that we have stopped valuing quality and instead prefer quantity. So, in my personal effort to try and be a more conscientious consumer, I am trying to mend our clothes and make them last a little longer. In today's economy, being frugal and extending the life of your possessions, such as our clothes, is no longer looked as as being out-of-the-norm as it was just a few short years ago. I feel that is a step in the right direction and I hope it stays that way even when the economy improves. It is completely unsustainable for our culture or any culture to live in a world of disposable this and disposable that. So, I am just trying to do my little part and learn a few new skills in the process.

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  1. I love that you are learning to is an especially handy skill