Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Early Signs of Spring

February is ending and March has yet to begin but there are more signs of spring showing up in the garden every day. The French Lavender that is in the front yard is bursting with blooms and covered in bees.

The fig tree that is in the backyard is just starting to show its first leaves. Oh, and I didn't say what kind of fig tree it is because we are not really sure. Might be Black Mission or it could be Brown Turkey. It's really hard to tell. All I can say is that the figs are really really tasty but you have to get to them quickly before the squirrels do...little bastards.

And, finally, our plum tree has started to produce a few blossoms. Though I expect that there will be an explosion of flowers on it within the next week or two. Then, we can look forward to plums in May and June. That is if the neighbors don't steal all of them first. Which is a problem when your two plum tress are planted in a parkway strip and they are fair game for the neighborhood.

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